U.S. Immigration & Citizenship Law

Legal Services

Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visas

Whether you are an individual seeking to work, invest, train, or study in the United States, reunite with family, or a company seeking to hire a qualified foreign citizen to meet the company's business needs, the office is here to make the process smooth and understandable. The office can assist in obtaining a student visa, work visa, and a "Green Card" (permanent U.S. resident status).

Immigration & Federal Courts

If you are ordered to appear before an Immigration Judge or need the assistance of a Federal Court on your immigration case because of improper delay by U.S.C.I.S. or State Department, our office will fight aggressively on your behalf.


If you seek the full protection and benefits provided only to those with American citizenship status, the office can review your immigration history prior to filing the citizenship application and prepare you for the citizenship interview and test.

Employer Compliance with Immigration Laws

The office helps employers comply with U.S. immigration statutes and regulations.

Limited Scope Representation

The office can provide limited scope representation (also known as "unbundling of legal services") from its traditional full-service representation provided. Per client's direction, the office will limit its legal services to a specific task or a limited number of tasks, while the client completes the legal work in other areas of the case.