U.S. Immigration & Citizenship Law


ALLY LAW is a law office providing legal services for U.S. immigration and citizenship cases. To minimize the client's costs and save time, communication between the attorney and client and documents collected are done securely through the internet. As such, ALLY LAW is an online law office, based in Monterey Park, California (just minutes away from the City of Los Angeles's downtown center).

Compared to brick-and-mortar law offices, ALLY LAW will save you hundreds and often thousands of dollars in attorney fees and costs for the client without compromising effective and personalized legal representation.

If you have further questions, please contact Thomas Chung (U.C.L.A. & Univ. of Iowa). Mr. Chung is a California licensed attorney and the founder of ALLY LAW.

ALLY LAW's mission is to make the immigration process as smooth as possible.